My boyfriend really wanted to see how these people pitch and to see how people would actually let themselves get wrapped up in the scam. I have a team of 5 and I make around per month on average. During the presentation, a guy who, according to other presenters, was Indian yet spoke like he was from London has explained the business model although he did not explain exactly how you can initiate the business – like how to start it up, how you sell the product, how you will be provided – he just told the audience to go to a conference in Memphis to meet with successful multi-millionaires and then brought in legions of people to encourage guests to go to Memphis because it was the best decision they have ever made and that you can be months ahead in beginning your business. I work for a very large company and within the last year have seen from over in my co. Cd’s and functions are where the real money is made.

He invited me to an presentation in a hotel in full formals. Bill Britt never felt like working in this orgnization, every britt leader is happy to serve others. If anything, I advise people to sign-up directly with Amway and screw paying BWW for useless ‘coaching’ and time consuming meetings. It isn’t the same for everyone. I was skeptical at the meeting.

I noticed that most of you hater’s are degree graduate’s who can’t even spell or put a proper sentence together and probably lost a hundred thousand or so on a degree.


An Unbiased Amway Review | Read This Before Joining

They would rather cheat their own country men in their fake suits. It all seemed very legit.

bww amway business plan

I am glad I talked to my parents they explained to me that Amway had been around for years – the guy made it sound like he started Amway himself during his pitch – that’s what impression I was under.

Joecol, what are you doing now?. Like how you can cut the wbw and how it is simple, like my classmate has explained to me earlier today.

I’m sure there are some new diamonds but I don’t think there are many of them. Soon after, I met with this ‘friend’ and he was also very professional and seemed legitimate. Money is not everything. So anyway, after the seminar the person who brought me wanted to introduce me to some people.

2015 Amway Review | What To Consider Before You Join

I’m not a reporter or new’s caster I do not list people’s income without there written consent Oh ya Dam it’s illegal. All they do is Pyramid scheme! He asked if I am open to other opportunities and obviously I am not going to say no. I’m not a reporter or new’s caster I do not list people’s income without there written consent Oh ya Dam it’s illegal. I was at home and wanted to work but since this topic was vague I gave my number to the person.

bww amway business plan

Good luck peddling your lies. I havent joined this, nor did I lose any money.

When we live in a World were generations of children are being raised by Nintendo and McDonald’s and with another person’s pllan while mom and dad are at work and still can’t pay the bills.


There are many more in this scheme.

Recently met a lady last night at Target who had the same exact approach and said all the same things which they obviously have been saying since And I am so glad my parents told me the truth. Second of all when these IBO’s young children go online they do not need to see a bunch of hateful blog’s and review’s by people that don’t know their parent’s or a single thing about them.

Many people heard Britt say he owns 20 mcds. Everyone should get a chance to try for their dreams once in a life.

bww amway business plan

Thank you for your comments. I have been in the business for 6 months now.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

Poor presentation and lots of cheering for these people who are brainwashing kids into make money for them. I’m an international student and I would waste my money for this if you didn’t write this blog. In some instances, Amway is the cause of a divorce. The sale that u can make huge money sure but not realistic. Wrong thing is to sale such concept by overdescription and like that any body can become millaniore by just doing this.

The meeting took about and hour and a half, and was still vague. I plan on being very successful — following in my families footsteps but I will be doing it honorably and with hard work. Success is a choice and failure is a choice you decide your future. Go through in details and if you are satisfied with the quality than nothing wrong to say about it to others.