The electronic copy for the Turnitin check should be submitted at the same time as you submit your paper copies for examination. These extremes are unusual. You should make your modifications within the time allowed see below , and submit them to Research Student Admin. When you submit your thesis before your viva, you will need to provide two copies in a “temporary” binding. Your thesis will not be accepted if your declared word length is greater than the limit. This page contains a collection of answers to the most common questions people ask us at Print Me.

All projects will be overseen by a supervisory team which will include their supervisors and a minimum of two other researchers with relevant experience. Such permission will be granted for sound academic reasons and notified to the Senate or delegated authority at the beginning of the Registered Student’s registration. If your document is over pages then we will split bind your book into two volumes. Fill in the form and send it in three months before you intend to hand in your thesis. We can take a copy to the Registry on your behalf for a small delivery fee. Students will gain a broad range of training in outstanding basic science in world-class facilities in the Mechanisms of Inflammatory Disease programme, endorsed and funded by The Wellcome Trust.

You need to prepare artwork and documents before submitting them to be printed.

Congratulations… You’ve finished your thesis!

You should complete these before you take your thesis to the Bindery as they may need to be bound in your thesis. Novel mechanisms of inflammatory injury and vasculoprotective therapies for the coronary microcirculation following a heart attack.


However inappropriate inflammation can lead to a variety of inflammatory diseases which range from acute sepsis to chronic inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and atherosclerosis. This will be followed by the writing of a grant proposal.

Thesis binding at the University of Birmingham

Information on progress reviews, leaves of absence, extensions, withdrawals and thesis submission. You can submit your thesis in person at the Aston Webb Student Hub.

bham uni thesis submission

Most people prefer to be there in person though you don’t have to. Inflammation is a complex protective response that serves to eliminate sjbmission cause of cell injury or infection, as well as removing any necrotic cells and tissues, and initiating the process of repair.

All members of staff are invited to join us on 19 June Your supervisor should ask you to choose someone. Thesis Submission and Examination.

bham uni thesis submission

Hence it is important to make sure you have satisfactorily covered all the required corrections before you submit them. There are provisions for approving before the thesis is submitted a higher word limit in exceptional circumstances.

bham uni thesis submission

Normally ten working days. These include the “Student Guide to the Submission and Examination of Research Degree Theses”, which has lots tehsis useful information about preparing, binding and submitting, as well as the viva and possible results, and degree congregations.

It is suitable for students at the interface of the biological and physical sciences with an interest in areas such as computational biology, mathematical modelling and bio-engineering. We are open 9. How inflammation regulates host-pathogen interactions. One good method is to:.


An induction period 2 weeks will provide an introduction to research in the university of Birmingham, followed by two taught modules of lectures and tutorials covering both research methods and the specific research that is on-going in the laboratories of the principal investigators in this programme.

You can supply your own garments for printing, and we will hham that the material passes our criteria to ensure a good quality finish. For each year the prize is for theses completed including corrections between 1st January in that year and around 1st April the following year, which is the closing date for entries. Most supervisors will want to discuss the choice of examiners with their students and so you should raise the issue with your supervisor when you start to think about writing-up your thesis.

It is usually an academic from another university. As it takes some time to organise the examination of your thesis, we ask that you notify us at least three months in advance of the date that you intend to submit your thesis.

This allows your examiners to see easily what you have done – and pass your thesis quickly – bhsm also serves as a checklist for you to see that you have covered everything. The students will also select a third project April – June at one of our international strategic partners which include Calgary, Melbourne and Marseille or alternative partners where appropriate.

Our Hub The postgraduate researcher hub is the submissionn of our student community.

Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD Programme in Inflammation – University of Birmingham

To submit your thesis, you must ensure that you complete and submit the following documents with the copies of your thesis: A detailed understanding of how to trigger, control, and limit inflammatory responses would open the door to unprecedented medical advances, both in harnessing the host immune system in eradicating infection and in reducing the substantial burden of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Events We offer a variety of academic, social and wellbeing activities zubmission the year. Otherwise you will not be able to graduate. Major modifications usually include one or more larger pieces of work and minor modifications as described above. After you have successfully completed your viva, and made any required modifications, you will have to provide two copies of your thesis in a permanent binding. So, it is important to:.