It really makes one think about something before quoting a statistic to prove one’s point. Ask teachers who are reluctant to rethink their long-standing reliance on traditional homework to see what happens if, during a given week or curriculum unit, they tried assigning none. Liked this book a lot. Apr 18, Kristen rated it really liked it. He doesn’t only explore the negative results of homework that are obvious at first glance if you’re paying attention like less time for connecting with other people, getting outside and playing, less motivation when it comes to learning and education, more stress, more family conflict, distrust towards teachers

Kohn then proceeds to suggest throughout the book that maybe The book offers insightful questions that parents, students and educators should be asking in regards to homework. Deborah Meier Education Reform Leader. I found myself actually thinking I would ask teachers how much homework counts towards final grades to determine if the percentage was worth us just not doing it in our home if we didn’t feel it was necessary. There’s a lot of research out there suggesting that homework is neither useful or helpful especially in the primary grades. There are some great examples in this book of projects that can continue once home after the school day.

Rethinking Homework

Jun 07, Carmen A rated it really liked it. Temple University Press, Some homework advocates point to benefit of increased time on task, but Carole Ames, dean of col. And even when quoes are celebrated, the box itself stays the same.


ThinkingIdeasUnderstanding. Why should school be allowed to dictate so much of our after-school time? Finally, standardized testing is based on the premise that all children at a particular grade level must become academically proficient at the same things at the same time. Laura Brodie saw quptes daughter wilt under the weight of so jyth homework.

But there isn’t enough time to do all that practice and cover the content. There were parts of this book that were so compelling it made me really depressed about the future of education in this country. Instead, some places have more class time for instruction and support instead of encroaching upon the family.

Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? No studies actually show this. Liked this book a lot. Myyth, ultimately, take that conversation to the principal and the district level.

The Homework Myth – (Book) – Alfie Kohn

Analysis of TIMMS data from comparing fifty countries found amount of homework assigned negatively correlated with student achievement; “more homework may actually undermine national achievement” Baker, David P and Gerald K. Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends.

alfie kohn the homework myth quotes

Kohn argues that homework is a burden to children, and, not surprisingly, their parents. Standardized testing is one example: Kohn’s incisive analysis reveals how a mistrust of children, a set of misconceptions about learning, and a misguided focus on competitiveness have all left our kids with less free time and our families with more conflict. On those days when homework really seems necessary, teachers should create several assignments fitted to different interests and capabilities.


KidsFeelingsImportant. If I offered you a thousand dollars to take off your shoes, you’d very likely accept–and then I could triumphantly announce that ‘rewards work.

alfie kohn the homework myth quotes

Kids should be kids, yes, but homework is part of ensuring that learning continues after the classroom door closes; furthermore, in some cases, it can actually keep kids as kids, giving them Alfie Kohn should look up rhetorical appeals before he writes another book– namely, he should have more recent evidence, as well as case studies from fictitious families.

Mar 14, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about The Homework Mythplease sign up. Kohn’s criticisms of competition and rewards have been widely discussed and debated, and he has been described in Time magazine as “perhaps the country’s most outspoken Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Apr 26, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Originally Posted by kchilders Chapter 6: One does wonder how one is to grade without homework however. Also, Kohn’s writing is very well organized.

Wouldn’t class time be better spent on that practice where the homeworo could get help? But in chapter 4 skeptically titled “‘Studies Show When students are treated with respect, when the assignments are worth doing, most kids relish a challenge.

Why is children having fun such a bad thing?