And I’m here if you wanna talk. Use mdy dates from March She then explained that the affair had been going on for two years, but only on an occasional basis. Hey, how did it go with your new BFFs? Naomi seems to resemble Kelly Taylor from the original series due to her ‘in-crowd’ status and quarrel with Annie, after Annie dates Ethan, her ex, behind her back in much the same way that Brenda and Kelly quarreled over Dylan.

Hey, what you guys doing? Liam continues his job of carrying purses for Laura, until he finds out that she is a drug dealer running a business right out of her mother’s own house. Elsewhere, Annie and Liam confront their feelings for each other. Not wanting to separate the family or lose her life of luxury, Tracy had chosen to tolerate Charles’s unfaithful ways. Jennifer “Jen” Clark, played by Sara Foster since season one, is Naomi’s older sister who has been away for most of the series.

Later, she starts fake dating with Dixon, as the two feel left out, they kiss to prove to Naomi that they are really dating.

In the second-season finale, Liam breaks up with Naomi because he thinks she is too self-centered. He encourages her to confess, they hug, and he takes her home. However, she tells him he should go with Naomi. So where were we? Nice to meet you. Sick and tired of keeping their relationship secret, they come out as boyfriend and girlfriend to the whole school.


Yeah, we should probably make a T-shirt. At the West Beverly Prom, Adrianna’s water breaks. She has quite a history under her belt, as evidenced by her colorful stories about various rock stars and celebrities. I need to finish Jen’s schedule. Dixon then hangs out with Silver and they later get drunk and end up kissing in a closet. But for most of us, life is not made up of big moments.

Meanwhile, Liam tells Annie that he doesn’t want to go to college with her, and Adrianna is ostrized from the group when they accidentally find out her scheme to get revenge on Silver.

However, his father later abandons him. In season one episode 18, Dixon reveals that his birth mom has bipolar when he mim the same symptoms with his then girlfriend Silver.

90210 annies essay her mom

Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual harassment after he fires moom from the newspaper, but tells the truth eventually. Naomi attempts to impress Max by dressing up in an Avatar costume, but it doesn’t get the response that she was aiming for. He befriends Rhonda in an attempt to reform.

Retrieved from ” https: Annie stays with Charlie but when Liam is injured and moves in with her family, Annie admits essaay she still has feelings for Liam and they sleep together. Among the group, only Ivy’s mother, Laurel, disapproves of Ivy’s sudden choice to get married for she is aware of Raj’s failing health.

At the beginning of season 2, he is seen standing behind Naomi essaay she hear him out because he needs to talk to him, he looks very fit there.


Navid finds out that his father is employing an underage girl in his pornography business.

90210 annies essay her mom

He tells her that whenever he is angry, he works on the boat. Adrianna steals his book of songs as he esssy told her that her career was over. She falls out with Brenda after finding out she slept with Ryan but the two later make peace.

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He gets her drunk and finds a way to get a cabana. His best friends are Navid, Liam, Teddy and Ivy. She is not aware at the time that he is Liam’s half-brother. Naomi then hold his knife up against his throat, but after Silver discouraging her, she drops the knife and lets the police arrest him.

90210 s03e08 Episode Script

Adrianna returns from the retreat and calls a tabloid newspaper to sell an exclusive story. So, they decide to work together on making songs.

90210 annies essay her mom

Um He’ll be back in about a half-hour. The two later get into a fight. Annles, we just have to walk the carpet together. I mean, oh, my God.